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Remote Software Update Techniques ?

I have worked on various Self Service terminal applications so far . Kiosks for bill payment , Mini statement and balance inquiries and permit printing to self checkout solutions . One requirement that I always come across and I am not absolutely sure how and what would be the better way of solving it is remotely updating software . I want my exes and dlls to be updated and who does it ? Well it can be a windows service or any other application or perhaps a separate thread watching for the updates .

I have some experience with Microsft BITS and i wrote a wrapper for BITS in C# but all i could use the wrapper for was basically file transfer . The object didnt expose some of the core methodologies that Micrsoft uses to update windows or to install windows updates …..

So if you have worked with any such scenario where software can remotely update itself or u have a design in mind do feel free to discuss . I can provide the code whatever i have experimented , but i would really appreciate any ideas / logics or implementation that could help me make a better design for these kind of problems that i often run into … The Software/Configurations Remote update !! If u have the idea and not the time or patience to develope it feel free !! I will develope it for u !! 😀

If you have any experience with making installation patches without hurting the installe application . I have tried Orca editor and the msp files , thats a pain a pain in the back side …. can u think of a smarter way ? Should we write a software which does that ? If you deploy software on a regular basis i m sure you probably might have some idea for a possible work around , I am amazaed why theres nothing from microsoft , doesnt sound that complicated :$

Cheers !!


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