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Responsive User Interfaces with UI Threads

Have you ever seen this exception and wondered “Huh !! wtf is that suppose to mean ?”


Cross-thread operation not valid: Control ‘Form1’ accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created on.”?? Or you want to update a UI of a windows based application in real time. The classis scenario for this is the stock market applications or processing credit cards from windows based application or while making web service calls synchronously where at many places the real time updates to the UI is absolutely essential.As an application developer / designer you might have encountered situations where The UI of the application gets updated After a COM Component Call or a Web service call or some extensive processing with the data. If this takes too long the User Interface of your application stops responding and hangs which is the first thing people notice and criticize in spite of the efficient code you have written in the business logic for processing complex data !! One possible solution of handling all such scenarios is to update the UI of your Application from a separate thread. The thread would be responsible to update any UI on your forms and another thread would be processing the data simultaneously.I had this idea and when I tried to access windows controls from the newly created thread I had the exception which I have mentioned. I did some research on this and realized that “A control cannot be accessed from any other thread but the thread they were created on “. So for accessing UI elements from a different thread I have made a small framework which you can also use..Net provides a mechanism for this and it’s extremely simple. I think in the upcoming versions of .Net the background worker control would be more powerful and synchronization would be an included feature. So we don’t have to worry about any of it.For now I would just indicate how to update or access the UI from a different thread other than the main Application thread. My sample application is a VC# windows application compiled with .Net 2005 IDE and uses .Net 2 frameworks.I would just give you a step by step description instead of excerpts to make it more easy and understandable.The first thing we need to do is to create a System.Threading.Thread instance. It may be good to make it a form level variable since it might be accessed from different places on your form.ui.jpg

System.Threading.Thread  myThread;In the Constructor or any other suitable place initialize the Thread instance. The constructor is overloaded and I mostly use that takes the ThreadStart instance so I pass a new instance like: 

myThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(ThreadProc));

 Note: Thread Start is a delegate and requires a target method which it points to and can be called once the thread is running.Now make a no argument method with the same name as you passed in the ThreadStart constructor:
public void ThreadProc()


        int count = 0;

        MethodInvoker mi;
        mi= MethodInvoker

while (globalcount  < 300) 


catch (Exception ex)    { // do nothing    }


We observe that we use another delegate “Method Invoker” which is the key basically. We make an instance of MethodInvoker delegate and pass a no argument method from which we access the UI of the form. After that we call the “BeginInvoke” of our main form and pass the instance of method Invoker.Note: As Method Invoker is also a delegate, we also need to specify the target method. In this case this would be the method from where UI is accessed. 

public void Updater()
   this.Text = globalcount.ToString();            

Once we are done with all of that all we have to do is to start the thread, so we would just call myThread.Start( ) ,and we are all set up.This way of updating the UI is also efficient in the sense that it is performed asynchronously instead of updating on timers or some other undesirable synchronous way.

 Want more sample code / applications feel free to contact me 🙂 If you have some good design ideas, I would love to hear it!! also post ur comments if there is something specific u r looking for , thanks . If you need examples with C# or java where you wanna update your UI from a different threads I have the code available for you … fell free to discuss here or if this was of any use or not , i would appreciate your feedback !!

My email address is hiasad@hotmail.com



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