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This is an old old Indian Song. I recently heard a cover where Sam Hasan performed and I really liked his performance. Below is my version and The chords are G, D , C and Em. Hope you like it.

Ghazab ka hai din – Asad Siddiqi

Here is the Cover from Sam Hasan:


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May 22, 2012 · 3:23 am

Sequencer Cover Majboorian

The orignal song is from one of my favorite bands “The Sequencers”. For some strange reason I really like this song and this is my cover version ! Let me know how you like it

Majboorian Cover – Click Here to Play

Here is the orignal and I just love it !

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Aaroh Jalan Cover

This is the recording . As you know no internet and nothing to do so the empty mind =S
The Song is JALAN by AAROH

Enjoy the cool vocals and guitaring  lolx :

Vacals : Me
Guitars : Me
Recorded by : ME :S

Download here

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A Ronan Keating Cover :

My internet was down for a change so i had some time to record 2 covers.
This one is the cover of ronan keating’s When you say nothing at all :

Song : When you say nothing at all
Vocalist : Me ( 2 bad my favourite vocalist Waleed Masood is not here with me = ( …. )
Guitars : Me hehehehe

Downlad here

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