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I am Asad Siddiqi , a software engineer by profession and working as a Professional Services Consultant at NCR Corporation. I did my bachelors in Computer Science from FAST-NU (Karachi ) in 2005 and started working at InfiniLogic when i was a Senior at School. There I had a lot of experience with .Net Technologies (Basically ASP.Net and related technologies). After that I moved to another Company which dealt with Software for self servicing terminals called Transaction Processing Systems  (TPS ) in Karachi , Pakistan , there I did some development for NCR EP42 Kiosk Terminals and made application software ( A State Engine)  which communicated with a centralized server based (A TCP Connection) on Proprietary protocol later converted to ISO 8583 . Went through the whole SDLC and it was a great experience !! I was exposed to many better technologies like XAML , SFTP Libraries , Remote Application Management Tools , Process Management Applications and building application Architectures for financial companies.

Then I moved to United States with a software setup in Maryland Peake Software Labs.There I did Core software development with VC++ , COM + ,VB.Net and ASP.Net . The project had a web enabled interface and basically was used as a schedular for Emergerncy departments at hospitals.It had modules for compensation management , user management and could be used from anywhere with a broswer and internet. From development’s perspective that was a great experience since i didnt have professional experience with VC++ and it really helped me learn the conventions essential for writing good code !!

Currently its a domain of my interest , Retails Group at NCR and i m simply enjoying it a lot !! Windows , Web Application development with Microsoft Technologies and Building application development libraries and frameworks .

Other than work , I am doing MS – Software Engineering from Johns Hopkins University .I like guitar playing , have a kind of interest in Cars , Browse for new technologies and Chat 🙂
In my free time I work freelance and try to implement whatever design is in my mind . If you like to talk about Software Design / architecture or have a crazy project Idea which you want to develop for free, I would love to hear from you !!

I can be reached at


Its Mid 2012 and I am in Atlanta with another job. Its been almost 3 years here and I really like the weather, my teammates and the day to day activities. I got a cool idea that is keeping me occupied. I will update the blog with the free for all implementation of my new ground breaking app (:P) which will change the world (or I hope it will).

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18 responses to “Muhammad Asad Siddiqui – About me

  1. NaUm!

    aaaahhhh, I think I know you, or I may say, I know you very well my dear. Those were great times back in Infini, that sutta room and Jholay Laal’s jhoolay.
    Am damned sure, by now you have recognized me. So seems like ma old buddy is livin a hell ova life. Be always blessed, cray guitarist.
    Can never forget that night out at Shariq Bhai’s place, you really rocked my man. Take care. fi aman Allah

  2. Aisha Furqan

    nice page dost! i really admire this guy and his geniusness! keep up the great work buddy… im proud to know you!

  3. bibomedia

    Have a nice day !

  4. Hi,

    I’m realy pleased to see that you have a such knowledge of Search Engine and speciall from Karachi and joined NCR there as I took my diploma from NCR in 1996 and now Im here in Canada.

    I’m new to .NET technology and would like to make a small search engine which will crawl any data if we give him.

    Can you help me like how to take start also I’m interesting to designe SMS from PC to any cell through any digital modem I got a lot of solution for this already.

    I look forward to hear from you soon,


  5. shaba shaba. Now, I’m ready to ping you on ASP.NET stuf. I need your kind support.

  6. asad

    s.a asad!may u r fine u look like my elder brother so i say u asad “bh@!” well i m also @$@d but fully @$@d abba$ i m n bcom u r so great and so intellegent . i like ther etype of big bro. so kia app bata sakty hain when u online n whats ur no#

  7. thats the man keep it up earn your name as well as the country name ok keep it up ok.

  8. Ali Asad Jogi

    hi Asad
    as i was searching for “asad” word on google ,there came thy name and i opened thy page for details .
    nice to see u dear . u r very “ZINDA DIL GUY”.
    BCOZ i read abt also intrested in such thing.
    oh ! God . i forget to tell u that im also doing science ,degree,but im in 4th semester.
    dear i want to be thy friend of future.what u say. plz tag me on here.

  9. Gul

    Hey, I am very impressed with your

  10. Syed Asad

    dis iz Asad m also s/w engg .
    Dear may I know dat how we add our picture on google first page like u

  11. asadsyed

    you looking very good man!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bhavin

    Hey Asad,

    I have ready through few articles and I must say they are very well written. I am working in .net tech for a while now, based in Cleveland Ohio. I have few projects that I will be just doing the design and offshore will do the real work :-). I would like to connect with you to brainstorm architecture design ideas and also UML.

    Do let me know the best way to connect with you.

  13. Sharma

    I have read through few articles and I must say they are very well written. I am working in ED for a while now, based in Jackson, MS. I have few projects that I will be doing Physician Scheduling as part of my job. I would like to connect with you to brainstorm about the Physician Scheduling Software. Do let me know the best way to connect with you. Thanks




    2 APRIL,2011.


  15. Javeria Hashmi

    Hi Asad,

    I must say I have never seen someone so smart. Your posts have helped my friends big time! Please keep posting more of your great work.

  16. Sam

    A genius for sure

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