Who went viral ? The best viral videos website delivering most viewed internet videos.

I had a lot of time one beautiful Saturday morning and I started watching VIRAL VIDEOS. If you dont know what’s a viral video its a video on the internet that becomes very very popular and spreads on the internet like a Virus (you see the analogy). Soon I realized that its not easy to search for viral videos on YouTube. How do I view only the videos which are highly popular, Most Viewed, Most discussed, Most Responded ? I wanted to answer questions like:

What are the top viral videos of this month ? It can be the top music video or a comedy video or an Entertainment Video.
What are the top viral videos of the day ?
What is the most viewed comedy video of the day ?
Which music video has the most views in the US this week ?
What video in the Autos category has the most number of comments for the past month?
What is the most popular video on the internet of all times ?
What are the top 10 US comedy videos in the US for today ?

The site brings you the most viewed video content on the internet . The data and searching is based on youtube and It can retrieve the most viral videos given a region, category and time. Here is a screenshot of the webpage and you can check it out at www.whowentviral.com



You see what I am getting at ? I did the application using HTTP REQUEST , YouTube API and an algorithm. You can check it out at Who went viral ? . http://www.whowentviral.com not only lets you view your selected content but also lets you watch it youtube style. YouTube ftw !! 🙂 ….. I would love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions on it and appreciate your time. Hope you like it !!


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