Stupid Decisions by ICC

This is not really a rant, I cant understand why the International Cricket Council makes such stupid decisions. I am not saying that I am very smart and ICC should hire me to consult them, I am just an average fan and I like the sport, have a lot of memories associated with it. One Question that I think of again and again as we are in the middle of the “ICC World T20 2010” in the West Indies, is loss of game after game after game due to rain. Unfair advantage to teams batting second usually due to “D/L” System kicks in and totally changes the equation. Please when scheduling such tournaments and assigning venues for international tournaments consider the weather and the nature of the game and the facilities available. Primarily I do believe that T20 is designed for more entertainment, by entertainment i means the batsmen dominating the bowlers, lot of big hits and stumps flying around, thats action. I dont get it when the batting team is 80 – 5 in 12 overs and are consolidating for the next 5 overs in a 20 over game ??? Are we talking world T20 or World Test match Series ?? I would highly suggest ICC to open up their eyes and save the sport from loosing fans and popularity. It would have been far so better if the “World T20” would have been scheduled at any of the venues listed below:

South Africa

I am totally not suggesting that a cricketing nation like WestIndies should be ignored, not at all, but for hosting international tournaments Like “T20 Word cup” ICC needs to put in some effort to raise the pitch standard (atleast even bounced wickets), the grounds (may be roof and lights) and if nothing please check the weather forecast and history before making the schedule. God dammit !! RawRRrrrrrrr !!


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