But Why ?

These are the questions that I really want the answers of but for some reason either I cant ask the concerned authorities or it is really difficult to find the answer of :

1/ Why is it odd ?????????? (Yeah not everybody is gonna understand this question, If u dont move on and never mind đŸ˜‰ )

2/ Why is not everyone created equal ?

3/ Why is Muhammad Yusuf the captain of Pakistan cricket team ? Why is Yunis Khan even selected ??

4/ What good is Asif Zardari for. Why cant anybody else be the president ?

5/ Why vegetables dont taste as good ?

6/ Why all the things that I like are so caloric ?

7/ Why do people hate BING with a passion ?

8/ Why do I hate everything (LOL) ??

9/ Why didnt I get my Mail in Rebate for the stupid*  Video Card I bought 5 months back ?

10/ Why cant I spend money :O ?

11/ Why are you still reading this post ?

I will keep adding as I get more and more…. Feel free to do so if u know the answers of any or want to add ur own issues …. Tata



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3 responses to “But Why ?

  1. Rija Rashid

    The answer to your why is because……

    Lol…on a serious note it is because of perspectives… ppl think in a certain way…and things happen a certain way…I can ask the same question to you why do you think vegetables dont taste as good…i think there are delish and I would pick them over meat any day…..this is my perception of life….

    P.S. and you dont spend cause you have greed to have it all..it makes you feel like you are in control

    • asadsiddiqi

      No, they dont taste better than meat. If you dont trust me do an online search on google to see the statistics …..
      P.S. You are u making things up đŸ˜› ??

  2. Rija Rashid

    Im not making anything up…I just shared my opinion!
    Anywho thats what I think and I dont really care about any statistics out there!

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